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Why Choose GGE

GGE is committed to providing you with efficient, high-quality services and products. We recognise that Quality Assurance, Environmental Management and Health & Safety are crucial to the success of any project. They are the three ‘pillars’ supporting all the work we do.

Quality Assurance


We operate a stringent quality assurance program. Our aim? Produce a perfect product every time, to deliver you the best in quality steel structures.

Through years of experience, GGE has developed a stringent quality assurance programme in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO 3834 quality assurance standard. All project information is documented and recorded in Optimus, our comprehensive in-house management software. We employ two full time QA staff to maintain quality at our production facilities and on site.

What we offer

  • Project transparency: Each stage of a project is monitored and control points are identified so that any deviation from the agreed parameters is reported and remedied before we proceed to the next phase.
  • Highly skilled personnel: Our staff are highly skilled and qualified; all of our welders are certified to AS/NZS 2980 in the positions and procedures required for the project. Our dedicated site managers assess and agree to a site installation procedure, approvals process and task analysis with the project team prior to arrival on site
  • High-quality materials: Materials are sourced as economically as possible in compliance with the specifications and statutory codes whilst minimising any waste. Our suppliers are selected on merit and regularly vetted for continuity of supply and commitment to quality. All steel is blasted to standard as a minimum at our onsite blast booth (at no extra cost), to ensure a superior finish is applied to the steel prior to painting. This creates better adhesion and a better quality, longer-lasting protective coating on the finished product. Visual and thickness checks on paint finishes are required from all painting contractors and suppliers.

Environmental Management

GGE has an integrated environmental management system accredited to OHSAS 14001 standards. By incorporating EM best practices into our total workflow, we’re doing all we can to minimise the impact of our work on the environment.

We have just received our Sustainable Steel Certification to help our environmental impact in June 2020.

Health & Safety

GGE is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all staff and those that come into contact with our company. This will always be our highest priority.

To meet this commitment, GGE maintains an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), complying with all relevant health and safety regulations, standards and industry-approved codes of practice. GGE is proud to have achieved Site Safe Gold in our recent audit.

GGE are proud to have achieved Site Safe Gold 100% in back to back audits.

Choose GGE – your structural steel specialist.

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